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An ever-growing variety of applications in sectors such as industrial automation, agriculture and horticulture, construction, retail intralogistics, and hospitality, make use of autonomous mobile robots (AMR) to both overcome labor shortages and improve operational efficiency.

Typical AMR devices include self-driving forklifts and robots for delivering goods, cleaning and lawn mowing.

Stationary solutions with automated line-guided vehicles (AGV) are limited to static environments and require long-term infrastructure planning.

But AMRs make it possible to optimize entire logistics workflow because they are not limited to dedicated operational segments.



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Modern technologies make it possible to successfully meet the challenges of an aging society that is growing increasingly dependent on care.


Many of the individuals concerned would feel more comfortable receiving care at home, which would also provide greater peace of mind for their loved ones. 


Home care could be a cost-saving alternative to institutional care. But what happens if there are not enough qualified caregivers available or pandemics massively limit the number of people you should have contact with?


How can the people concerned be helped to maintain their independence and quality of life despite these restrictions?


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Driven by new technologies and increasing digitalization, interaction between humans and machines has become part of everyday life.


Modern HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces) are fundamentally changing the way we interact with technology, whether using home appliances, controlling industrial equipment, or monitoring metering instruments. 


They provide various intuitive interaction possibilities through touch, voice, and gestures, to name just a few.


Moreover, augmented reality (AR) combines the physical and digital worlds to create an interactive environment enriched with digital elements, such as visual or optical effects.



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The world we live in today is increasingly dependent on ever-evolving technology to make our lives more convenient and enjoyable.


In retail, technological advances are aimed at providing customers with a great shopping experience.


To ensure that in-store shopping retains and extends its attractiveness, it is essential to adopt the advantages of online shopping to combine the best of both worlds. 


Hybrid and omnichannel customer journeys enable consumers to shop both in-store and online and enjoy a seamless shopping experience across all channels. In turn, businesses gain a unified view of their customers.


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What unusual thing, what anomaly, is happening right now in a critical area? How can I extract the relevant information in a timely manner from the huge streams of video data that surveillance cameras constantly generate?

The right answer to such questions can play a crucial role in numerous scenarios. The ability to detect objects and recognize scenes without human intervention and without relying on external computing resources are important features of intelligent surveillance cameras (ISC).

ISCs capture images or videos of the environment, which are then processed and analyzed to extract meaningful information such as suspicious objects, unauthorized persons, and escalating situations.

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IoT (Internet of Things) technology is rapidly permeating all industries, opening entirely new ways of interacting with customers. This is especially true for digital signage solutions, which are designed to improve the customer experience and customer loyalty.

Whether in department stores or shopping malls, in restaurants or entertainment venues, in airports and railway stations, in public places, or at corporate locations, digital signage solutions help provide guidance, present news, promote offers, announce events, and distribute important information.

But what technology is driving the transformation of traditional signage to digital signage, bridging the gap between the digital and physical world?

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